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Name:  Haihua Chiang
Country: Taiwan
Major: Commercial Dance

Haihua Chiang is a dance major returning to Citrus College after graduating from California State University Long Beach (CSULB) to pursue a certificate in Commercial Dance. She is an accomplished dancer having performed for Bernstein’s Mass at the Lincoln Center in New York.

Haihua first came to us in 2013 and found a safe and welcoming environment to guide her through the challenges of experiencing a country and a culture for the first time. Haihua credits our fantastic counseling team for her smooth progression to CSULB and says returning to Citrus is “like going home”.

Haihua, we are so proud of your successes and overjoyed to have you back at Citrus College.

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ISC Activities

This month students followed their favorite world cup teams as the tournament played out on the HD screen in the ISC lounge. For the apex of the tournament, the ISC hosted a World Cup Party bright and early on Sunday, July 15th at 8:00 am. The sports fans shuffled in early, dragging their feet in the early morning hour. The lounge filled and we settled in with hot McMuffins in our hands as France kicked off the final match. Spectators rooted for their respective team as players battled it out on the big-screen and the intense match closed with a French victory over the celebrated underdog Croatian team. Thanks to all that attended.We had a fantastic time

Experience Summer at Citrus College

Experience Summer at Citrus College begins next month. Get ready for an exciting ESL course where you’ll meet new friends and learn about American Culture. In addition, each week ends with an unforgettable event including museums, Hollywood, and a Beach BBQ finale.

This fantastic opportunity and more are readily available on the ISC portal, which is dedicated to providing information, services, and opportunities for ISC students. The ISC portal is an amazing resource available to new and continuing ISC students here at Citrus College.


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Citrus College News

Citrus College offers help with California State University (CSU) transfer applications! The Career/Transfer Center holds open forums to assist students who apply to CSU schools. These forums are a branch of support we offer to assist students in their transition to four-year schools. The quality of academics at Citrus College combined with amazing support allowed our international students to transfer to CSU schools at an impressive rate of 78% last fall.

Important Dates
Current Students
  • Drop for Non-Payment

    • July 12 at 10 p.m.

    • August 2  10 p.m.

    • August 23 10 p.m.

  •  Fall Classes Begin - August 25th/27th

Future Students
  • Experience Summer At Citrus College - August 6th

  • International Student Transfer Deadline - August 10th

  • Fall Check-in deadline - August 13th

  • Fall international Orientation - August 24th