ISC Newsletter November 2018
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Name:  Yao Chengyao (Leo)
Country: China
Major: Economics

Leo came to Citrus College from mainland China in Fall 2017. He began his studies in our ESL program and quickly advanced into the Economics academic program. Leo has been interested in economics since middle school and has plans to transfer to a University of California school and eventually pursue a career in financial analysis or political economics. Leo is a valued ISC student worker and member of the International Friendship Club, Car Club, Business Club, and Peer Friendship Program. Regarding his studies at Citrus College, Leo appreciates the focus on student participation and positive interaction with professors that work together to improve his overall collegiate experience.

International Student Center

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ISC Activities

This month the ISC teamed up with the Arts department to hold a concert. We rearranged the lounge to focus attention on the performance area and student performers set a stage with amplifiers, microphones, and instruments including a drum kit, electric guitar and bass, and keyboard. As the artists took the stage, we were treated to a broad range of musical genres. Patrons heard musical styles including jazz, opera, pop, and rock performed by “The Labradours”, “Annie”, “Heejin Son”, “Blue Mason”, and “Max Lual” respectively. In addition to the musical arts, students enjoyed pie and coffee provided by Pacific Dinning. We had a blast and can’t wait to see everyone at the next event “Holiday Karaoke” in December.

Honors Transfer Program

The Citrus College Honors Transfer Program is designed to increase the available opportunities for highly motivated students. The Honor Transfer Program promotes academic excellence, commitment to civic responsibility, leadership, and student transfer opportunities. Getting in may not be the easiest task with requirements such as a minimum 3.25 GPA and essay submission, but the benefits are plentiful. Benefits include priority registration, small classes, TAP (Transfer Alliance Program) membership, and access to Phi Theta Kappa and Alpha Gamma Sigma honor society memberships. Strive for success with Honors Transfer Program now! Visit them in the Educational Development Center.


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UCLA Representative Visit

The Citrus College Career and Transfer Center hosts many fantastic workshops and events. University representative visits are always a popular event, which enable Citrus College students to discuss their future with representatives from some of the best universities in California. This month, a representative from UCLA will visit Citrus College twice, once on the 7th and again on the 15th. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and make an appointment to see university representatives at the Career and Transfer Center.

Important Dates
Current Students
  • Upcoming Holidays: November 10, 12, & 22-24

  • Fall Finals Week - December 10-14

  • Offices Closed: December 21- January 1

Future Students
  • Winter Term Starts - January 7

  • New Spring Term student arrival deadline -  February 4

  • Spring Term Starts - February 20