ISC Newsletter February 2022
Spotlight Photo

Name:  Tianhui Qian (Sky)
Country: China
Major: Business


Sky is one of our prestigious graduates who has done very well since transferring from Citrus College. As a student at Citrus, Sky began the Citrus College branch of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA). Under his guidance, the association grew and flourished at Citrus. Since then, he has transferred out to University of California Irvine (UCI) and gone on to become the chairman of the entire Southwest Chapter of the CSSA (SWCSSA), which includes 42 colleges and universities.

When speaking of Citrus College, he mentioned, “it has given me a very good foundation for academic preparation at UCI.”

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ISC News

The 2022 Winter Olympics are on now!

Beijing is hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics, which are currently in action. Here in the ISC we are excited about the coming together of nations every four years in friendly competition to celebrate the global athletes who have committed so much to their craft.

Stop by the ISC Lounge and enjoy the broadcast on our television anytime during office hours.

Lunar New Year

2022 marks the year of the Water Tiger. The Tiger is known as the king of all beasts among the zodiacs and represents power, courage, confidence, leadership and strength. The Water Tiger last appeared in 1962 and carries additional associations such as strong relationships with others and loyalty to family. For those not born in the year of the tiger, the year brings opportunity for renewal and change, which is an opportunity that is welcome in 2022. Happy Lunar New Year!


Korea Fair

Year of the Tiger

Education USA Korea Fair

The ISC has entered the Metaverse. Education USA Korea hosted a special Metaverse Virtual Fair this month. Citrus College was one of very few Community Colleges chosen to participate in the groundbreaking format used for this fair. We were so glad to meet all the participants and enjoyed exploring the new format with our 16-bit avatars. It was a great opportunity and learning experience. We look forward to further collaboration and communicating with the wonderful students we met.

Important Dates
Current Students
  • Lunar New Year - February 1

  •  President’s Day Weekend - Campus Closed - February 18 & 21

  • Spring Semester Begins - February 23

  • Late-Start Spring Classes Begin - April 25

Future Students
  • Spring Application Deadline (New Initial & Transfer I-20) - February 1

  • Spring Semester Begins - February 23

  • Late-Start Spring Classes Begin - April 25