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The International Student Center (ISC) is continuing to assist students remotely. Please call us at (909) 929-1746 or email us at
Yes, the Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) has confirmed that international students are allowed to take their classes online. You can take all of your classes online while residing within the United States or residing outside the United States during the online instructional period. This is only authorized for students with currently active I-20s. Those with initial I-20s may not enter the US until it is considered safe again to travel and the Citrus College campus is reopened for on-campus classes. However, those with initial I-20s are allowed to take classes online from their home countries until the campus reopens. Our classes are currently being offered online while the campus remains closed, due to the ongoing pandemic. We do not yet know when our campus will be able to reopen. 
Yes, you can complete your study outside of the United States while keeping your SEVIS I-20 record Active, as long as our campus remains closed due to COVID 19. If you are planning to return home or have already returned home, you are required to notify the ISC by sending an email to to notify us of your departure. 

Reminder: Please keep in mind if your visa expires while outside of the U.S., you will need to apply for visa renewal with the U.S. Embassy to re-enter the United States.
Since we are working remotely, all travel signature requests will be completely digital. Please complete an I-20 Travel Signature Request on the ISC Portal and we will email you an official updated I-20 with a digital signature for travel.
SEVP has confirmed that as long as your SEVIS record remains "active," the 5-month temporary absence rule will not apply. Therefore, if you are planning to complete your coursework from your home country, you will not be penalized to return to the U.S. once our campus reopens. We are closely monitoring to keep students' SEVIS records "active."
Yes. You can still apply for OPT.
If you have any OPT related questions, let us know at and we will connect you with the ISC Supervisor, Coe Lamoureux.
The OPT Application is also available on the ISC Portal.
No.  Federal regulations require you to be in the United States at the time you apply for OPT. If you are currently outside the United States, you must re-enter the U.S. before your program end date on your I-20 to apply for OPT.
No. The government has not made any updates or extensions for the 90-day unemployment rule for OPT students. 
Yes. Your medical policy covers COVID-19 related care, subject to your normal policy conditions.
Click this link for more information about how to use your current school health insurance policy: Citrus College COVID 19 Tips and Urgent Care.pdf
Yes. Testing for COVID-19 is covered. However, the testing must be referred by a medical practitioner and carried out by an approved facility. See the attachment in the question above for more information.