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March 2019

ISC NEWSOctober 2018

ISC Activities
This month, Mr. Coe, the ISC supervisor is in Vietnam. He will be presenting at the Access America Education Fair in Ho Chi Min. We wish him well in his travels and welcome all new students coming from Vietnam.

The month of March brings Spring with it. Despite the rainy weather the last few weeks, Sunny Spring days are soon to come. In March, the ISC has arranged an event to Fish Canyon Falls. Weather permitting, we will enjoy a short nature walk and be rewarded with a gushing waterfall. There are limited spaces available. Sign up today in the ISC Portal.
Peer Friendship Program
The new term has begun and it is a brand new experience for many incoming students. Clubs such as the Peer-Friendship Program (PFP) are a great way for new students to get introduced to their new environment and identify resources and friendly faces around campus. The PFP is a mentoring program aimed at improving learning outcomes and community on campus. The PFP promotes cross-cultural activities and social inclusion. The PFP is just one of the many great choices for on-campus engagement for new and returning students. Learn more about PFP by contacting them at For more information on clubs, Club Rush is back again March 11 -14 in the campus mall.

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Campus Event - Charmaine Craig
Later this month, Citrus College will have a special treat for fans of literature. Award-winning author, Charmaine Craig will speak on campus Thursday, March 21 at 11:30 a.m. at the Haugh Performing Arts Center. Ms. Craig is a graduate of Harvard and UC Irvine and teaches in the Faculty of Creative Writing at UC Riverside. Her novel, “Miss Burma,” is in the running for the National Book Award for Fiction. This event is free and open to the public. For more information, contact the Office of Student Affairs at 626-917-8601.

Important Dates

Current Students
  • Spring Late Registration - February 15 - March 3
  • Women’s Day - March 8
  • St. Patrick’s Day - March 17
  • Spring Break - April 15-20
  • Spring 2019 Second Session Start - April 22
Future Students
  • Vietnam Fair - March 9-10
  • Summer Term Application deadline - April 1
  • Fall Semester Application Deadline - June 1
  • Summer Term Starts - June 24
  • Fall Semester Starts - August 26
Student Spotlight

Name: Binh Tat
Country: Vietnam
Major: Nursing

Binh Tat has been with Citrus College for nearly two years now. She started as an art major, but now studies nursing. She is considering changing her major one more time. Whatever her decision, Citrus College and the ISC will be here to support her on the pathway to her educational goals.

When asked why she chose Citrus College, she expressed her appreciation for our long history, over 100 years, of providing education. She also said, “When I first came here, I majored in art. This is the highly recommended school to take if you are an art student.”

The ISC thanks Binh Tat for sharing her thoughts and we are proud to have you as a Citrus College ISC student.


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