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ESL Program

The Intensive English as a Second Language (ESL) Program is designed for students whose English skills are not yet ready for academic course work. Students that complete this program receive an academic achievement award for each completed level (see chart below). The academic achievement awards are standalone verification of English proficiency gained through the completion of Citrus College ESL courses. The earned awards can be useful in providing proof of English proficiency for potential employers as well as educational programs.
This option is designed for students who need to learn English or who need to improve their English skills in order to complete college work. The Intensive ESL Option is a one or two semester immersion program that prepares students to start their College Program at Citrus College. Students who successfully complete the Intensive ESL Program may enter the regular academic program without submitting another application.
In addition, noncredit ESL classes are available to international students for free (no cost) and can help students improve their English-speaking skill and pronunciation.
ESL Levels at Citrus College
ESL Achieve Award Winner
classroom 4