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Purchase your Citrus College International Student Health Insurance
Purchase your Citrus College International Student Health Insurance Plan (required if studying inside the US)
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Must complete 9 on-campus/hybrid units and 12 units total every Fall & Spring Semester.
Every Fall & Spring Semester, if studying inside the US on an active I-20, students must complete at least 12 units total. At least 9 of those 12 units must be either on-campus or hybrid units.

Summer/Winter Terms are optional for continuing students. If a new student starts in Summer or Winter Term, they must complete at least 6 units total, and at least 3 on-campus or hybrid units that first term.
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I-20 Termination Reason of "Authorized Early Withdrawal" must be requested by the student
If you need to return home and you want the ISC to end your I-20 so you do not have trouble returning to the US in the future, click the "Apply Now" button above to upload a copy of your plane ticket and answer a few questions about why you are returning home or ending your international student status.

If this is not submitted and approved by the ISC and the I-20 has to be terminated, it will instead be terminated with the reason of "Failure to Maintain Status," which does not look good on a student's record.